The feels of the fandoms

The feels of the fandoms

BNPB head accused Jemaah Candidate Deceive 45 Umrah

Head of the National Disaster Management Agency ( BNPB ) Syamsul Maarif reported by 45 people prospective Umrah pilgrims to the Police Headquarters ( Police Headquarters ) Jember , East Java , on Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

Syamsul reportedly on suspicion of criminal fraud and embezzlement prospective Umrah pilgrims are organized PT Bestari Lingkarraksa . In that company , Syamsul Maarif name listed as the main commissioner .

" In the structure of PT Bestari Lingkarraksa , Syamsul Maarif name listed as the main commissioner , for that he should be held responsible as the person who has this company , " said Mohammad Ghozali , one of the congregation .

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Ghozali tell , it’s a case of alleged fraud began when PT Bestari Lingkarraksa promote Umrah travel at a low cost .

" So the employees of the company comes directly into people’s homes . Because cheap , eventually many are interested to participate , " he said .

In August of 2013 , a total of 45 candidates for the assembly from Jember , Banyuwangi , Bondowoso , Situbondo , Lumajang , and Pasuruan , has begun to pay off the cost of umrah trip . ” The cost varies , there are 19 million , some are paying 23 million . And then we are promised will be leaving in March, “he said .

Sign In March, the prospective pilgrims asked about the PT Bestari Lingkarraksa departure time .

" When we asked , he said the departure was postponed in April. But in April , the departure was again delayed by reason of the election , and promised to be left on May 25, 2014 yesterday . Well , it turns out again yesterday there is no certainty of the PT Bestari Lingkarraksa , "explained Ghozali .

Finally , further Ghozali , all the congregation agreed to report the case to police because there was no good faith on the part of the organizers to resolve this issue .

" In addition to Mr. Syamsul Maarif , there are some people who are also our report , namely Harun Al Rashid as commissioner , then Heri Alfian as president , then as director Manan Imron Umrah , and some employees , " said Ghozali .

Prospective other pilgrims , Sumiati , villagers Subdistrict Arjasa Kemuning , hoping to the police to immediately investigate the case.

" I ‘ve been patient enough , because there are already four times the mediation , but from the other side ( PT Bestari Lingkarraksa ) no good attempt to resolve this case , " he said .

Meanwhile, the Criminal Investigation Unit KBO ( Satreskrim ) Jember Police Inspector Suhartanto confirmed that it had received reports of the prospective Umrah pilgrims . He said , in the near future , police will begin calling witnesses .

"The report ‘s only entrance now , we will learn later , and we will follow up with the examination of the witnesses , " he explained .

Meanwhile , the PT Bestari Lingkarraksa to this news collected can not be confirmed .


Immediately Operated Hospital Malang

General Hospital Malang , East Java , in the near future be operated immediately after a legal umbrella regional regulation Organization and Work Structure ( SOTK ) was passed at the beginning of next month .

" The information we received from the legislature , Regulation (Regulation ) STOCK Regional General Hospital (Hospital ) will be passed in early June. STOCK With the passage of legislation that later , can be operated automatically hospitals because the existing legal umbrella , " said Chief Health Office ( DHO) Dr Asih Tri Malang Rachmi Nuswantari Saturday .

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Asih actual physical construction of hospitals argued already completed in early 2014 , but the operation is waiting for legal reference .

Further regulation SOTK Asih Hospital said the hospital that regulate the status of Malang as Business Service Agency (BLUD ) and service standards . In addition , also included if the hospital only to class III because its capacity is only 50 to 60 rooms .

Hospital who is a type D pratama was no room class II , class I also VIP . Because there are only a third class rooms , hospitals Malang will prioritize the cardholder Social Security Agency ( BPJS ) Health , especially for Contribution Recipient ( PBI ) and people who are not able to use the certificate .

Alluding to the readiness of the paramedics , doctors and employees keadministrasian , Asih claims still short of about 80 workers in the near future and the health office immediately consult with the Ministry of Health , Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and the National Employment Agency .


Commission Official Corruption Suspect Set Suryadharma as Hajj Operation

Corruption Eradication Commission formally adopted Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali as a suspect in a case of alleged corruption in the organization of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj fiscal year 2012-2013.

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KPK spokesman Johan Budi SP, Thursday (22/05/2014) night say, Suryadharma alleged violation of Article 2, paragraph 1 or Article 3 of the Law on Corruption Eradication in conjunction with Article 55 of the Criminal Justice Act (Penal Code) .

Article 2 set the criminal acts committed an official or state officials who enrich themselves, others, or corporation by illegal means. The threat of punishment, a maximum of life imprisonment.

As for Article 3 regulates the abuse of power committed by state officials or organizers intention of enriching himself or another person or a corporation and could harm the economy of the state or country.


Jokowi-JK Promises Increased Amount of Agricultural Land

Self-sufficient in the economics agenda -vice presidential partner , Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla . One course of action that will be done towards building a self-sufficient economy is based on agribusiness people’s food sovereignty .

Jokowi- JK also promised , one of which will increase the ratio of agricultural land and farmers , from 0.3 hectares per household ( HH) farmer , to 2 hectares per family .

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Quoted from the official website of the Commission , the following four exhaustive efforts to build food sovereignty -based agri-business populist .

The first is policy control over food imports through eradicating the mafia imports are simply looking for personal gain / certain groups at the expense of national food . The development of agriculture -based export domestic agricultural processing .

Second , agriculture and poverty reduction support the re - launching of the 1000 generation of farmers through seed village sovereign until 2019 . Increased ability of farmers , farmer organizations and the pattern of relations with the government , especially the active involvement of women farmers / workers as the backbone of food sovereignty .

Development of irrigation , dams , roads and transportation , as well as the institutional market and the market equally . Rehabilitation of damaged irrigation network to 3 million hectares of crops and 25 dams until 2019 .

Improvement and development of rural economic activity characterized by an increase in domestic investment by 15 percent per year and the average age of farmers and people who work in rural Indonesia are getting younger .

Third , the commitment to the implementation of agrarian reform through the access and distribution of assets to the asset reform farmers through the distribution of land rights of farmers through a program of land reform and land tenure for farmers and farm workers . Submit by 9 million hectares of land .

Increasing smallholder access to agricultural land holdings of an average 0.3 hectares to 2.0 hectares per family farm , and the opening of one million acres of dry farm land outside Java and Bali .

Fourth , the development of democracy through the development of agribusiness special bank for agriculture , SMEs and cooperatives .


Scratching on the Road, Motorcycle Riders fired public transportation use “Airsoftgun”

Motorcyclists opened fire with guns airsoftgun driver . Action of two motorcyclists in the city of Solo had caused panic in the transportation drivers . Especially when there are still some passengers in public transportation .

The shootings occurred at Jalan Kyai Mojo , clover , Solo, precisely in Bridge Mojo , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) at 10:02 pm .

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Katirin , the transportation drivers , drove from the East to the West . When about to overtake the rider in front of him , it gets 09 dikemudikannya brushed with a motorcycle that was also about to overtake from behind Katirin .

Katirin admitted that he had tried waving as a sign of apology . But alas , it Katirin airsoftgun threatened at gunpoint .

Katirin was shouted at and threatened with being shot . ” I ‘ve ’ chest chest ’ ‘m sorry , but it is behind the angry angry and pulled out a gun, and shot glass from the front of my public transportation , ” said Katirin told reporters at the Police Market POND , Solo.

Conscious shot , Katirin , transportation drivers Signed - Ngipang majors Teak directly step on the gas and tried to chase the Honda Vario . But unfortunately , the two men disappeared in the alley alley in clover village , Solo, Central Java .

Katirin then reported the incident to the Police POND Market . According to Police Chief Market POND , AKP Nur Affandi , officers are still investigating the case and will do a pursuit against the perpetrators .

He also appealed to citizens who possess firearms types airsoftgun to be careful and not use it carelessly . ” We go into the case by questioning several witnesses , ” he said .


Mother Baby Wants Valencia Slap The Kidnappers

The father of the baby Valencia , Toni Manurung , said his wife , Lasmaria Manulang , annoyed when face to face with the actors they both baby kidnappers , Desi Ariani , when they re- kidnapping incident in Hasan Sadikin Hospital ( RSHS ) Bandung , Wednesday ( 14/5 / 2014 ) .

As is known , though still not able to walk normal post-operative fracture fracture connection some time ago , Desi presented directly in the reconstruction using a wheelchair. In addition to Desi , and Toni Lasmaria presented too .

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"Maybe because there is still hatred , my wife says she wants ngegaplok ( slap ) , " Tony said when met after the reconstruction , Wednesday morning .

Toni added , at the time of the abduction scene played directly in the delivery room Amanda , Desi had rebuked him . But because they have not received above what is done Desi , Toni admitted reluctant to reply to the greeting .

"If you look at his face , I could not accept . I also do not know the real motive why he was kidnapped , " he said .

Toni said , Desi abduction leaving the persistent trauma , both for him and his wife . Until now , said Toni , they are afraid of retaliation from the Desi that she still suspected as one of the syndicate of kidnappers baby .

" Until now I ‘ve moved twice since such boarding chased shadows . Motive I’m not sure he just wanted to have children , " he said .


11 Chinese Sailors Floating in the Pacific, 2 kills and 7 Missing

An official at the United States Air Force Base Davis Monthan said two Chinese sailors were killed and seven others were missing after their ship sank in the Pacific Ocean.

Mayor Sarah Schwennesen, office, Sunday (04/05/2014) states dory Venezuela reported finding 11 sailors on a raft floating on Friday (05/02/2014).

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Venezuela’s boat crew says four sailors suffered severe burns and two of them died later.

Flights from Rescue Group 563 sailors get injured on Saturday (03/05/2014) and Sunday mornings.

Schwennesen said rescue vessels can moor close enough to the beach on Monday (05/05/2014) to helicopter could get closer, lifting the injured seamen, and take them to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

In Mexico, the mariners are planned to be flown away to the burn unit in San Diego.


Private Ready to Build Your Own Power, But …

In anticipation of the electricity crisis that is expected to occur in 2018 , the government asked the private / industry to build the power plant itself . Discourse is appreciated by business actors such as the one belonging to the Indonesian Employers Association Minerals ( Apemindo ) . Nonetheless , Executive Director Apemindo , Ladjiman Damanik admitted there are things that are still up in meeting electricity needs independently, ie about the network ( transmission ) .

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" Discourse is good , but if you build power plant , power plant wake ya lah . Transmission waking period as well. We ‘re not the transmission company , "he met after the discussion , in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 30/04/2013 ) .

Ladjiman objection is not without reason . He said , power plants being built are not all adjacent to an electric substation owned by PT PLN , and also not all close to the location of factories / industries .

Generally , the power plant was built near the lowest primary energy source . Ladjiman added , the cost of electricity for mining companies , for example , requires about 2 million dollars per megawatt .

By building its own power plant , saving the company over the cost of production . However , he acknowledges, the construction of the transmission network requires funding not less . ” We ride wrote to the grid , because waking expensive transmission you know , ” he said .

Director General of Electricity , Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources , Jarman said the government was preparing regulations on power wheeling . Wheeling power scheme consists of several options .

First , the light Jarman , Electricity Operation Permit Holder as the owner can rent a captive power transmission PLN to deliver electricity to the company ‘s own built in a different location .

" The factory or industrial operations that have permission to build a power plant in a different place from the location of the industry , " he said on Wednesday .

Jarman pointed out , a mining company has a smelter in the middle of the island and had a water resources elsewhere , may build hydropower to electrify smelternya . The company hired a live transmission network PLN . ” What is the rent paid to the PLN transmission and reliability , ” he said again .

Second , continued Jarman , wheeling power scheme could be License Holder Electricity Supply ( Holder of the business area ) , hire PLN transmission to deliver electricity that is built outside of his business , or the purchase of other companies outside of its business ( private / excess ) rent through the grid .

Jarman hopes , by wheeling power scheme , demand for electricity is not allocated by PLN and IPPs ( Independent Power Producers ) can be met .

Note Ministry of Energy, the total installed power generation capacity up to March 2014 amounted to 49 630 megawatts ( MW ) consists of PLN by 72 percent , 21 percent IPP , PPU by 4 percent , and non-fuel IO 3 percent .

Meanwhile , electricity demand growth in 2013-2022 , is projected to average about 8.4 percent per year . Thus , in 2018 diperthitungkan national generating capacity should reach 77.748MW , consisting of PLN amounted 46.179MW , IPP of 22.317MW , as well as joint IO PPU and non-fuel for 9.251MW .


Google Testing Self - Driving Car Navigation Route To New

Google Inc. said that they began testing self- driving car ( self- driving cars ) through the streets of the city , and new routes to help navigate Google Maps .

Quoted from Reuters , Google developed a technology standard for navigation using self- driving car . After several years of testing self- driving car on a highway , where driving conditions are more predictable , Google last year shifted its focus to the streets of the city , the company said in a posting on its official blog on Monday ( 28/4 ) .

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Google says that navigation by car has taken thousands of miles on the streets of Mountain View , California , a small suburban community where the company maintains its headquarters about 35 miles south of San Francisco . Google’s self- driving cars rely on video cameras , radar sensors , lasers and a database of information collected from the movement of the car to help mapping Google Maps .

" One mile on a busy city streets , far more complex than a mile on the freeway ( motorway . On the streets of the city , filled with hundreds of different objects , they continue to move according to a different route than the road branching from a small area , " wrote Chris Urmson ( Director of Project Self Driving Car Google ) in a blog post on Monday ( 28/4 ) .

" We’ve improved our software so that it can detect hundreds of different objects simultaneously - even include the movement of pedestrians, bus , stop sign held by a crossing guard / police officer , " Urmson said .

Google is one of several companies , including automaker Nissan Motor Co. , Volkswagen AG’s Audi and Toyota Motor Corp. , which is testing a self-driving car technology . Nissan and Mercedes - Benz Daimler AG plans to start selling cars of this technology in 2020 .

So far it is not clear whether Google intends to partner with other companies or to develop a vehicle for developing self- driving car navigation. Google says that the car its self - driving car safe and do not cause an accident while operating in a mode of self - drive on crowded city streets .

Google said it still has many projects in the future in terms of mapping , including navigating to the extreme terrain and mountains like in Mountain View , and Rocky Mountain .


National recapitulation Dapil Sumbar I Passed

Open plenum vote counting results of legislative elections in 2014 endorsed the sound of the first constituency of West Sumatra , West Sumatra province .

" The results of counting electoral district of West Sumatra West Sumatra province I passed , " said Chairman of the Commission , as leader Husni Kamil Manik plenary meeting , at the office of the Commission , Jakarta , Monday ( 28/4 ) night .

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I Sumbarl constituencies covering the South Coastal District , Solok , Sijunjung district , Tanah Datar , Mentawai Islands , Dharmasraya , South Solok , Padang , Kota Solok , Sawahlunto , Padang Panjang. For these constituencies contested eight seats in the House .

Based on the results of the vote a party that was read during the West Sumatra Provincial KPU national plenary meeting in the center of the Commission , showed the highest gains achieved as much as 251 511 Golkar sound . Followed Gerindra ( 153 689 ) , PAN ( 150 297 ) , Democrats ( 143 703 ) , Nasdem Party ( 136 060 ) . Then PPP ( 114 123 ) , MCC ( 111 750 ) , PDIP ( 103 069 ) , Hanura ( 84 626 ) , PKB ( 40 408 ) , the United Nations ( 40 408 ) , and PKPI ( 18 180 ) .

Of the number of valid votes while , the only sound that touched the Golkar Party Numbers Dividers Selector ( BPP ) . Of the 1,289,236 valid votes were predicted to escape political party parliamentary threshold divided by eight seats in the first electoral district of West Sumatra as 161,154.5 sound .

In the first phase of the distribution of seats , Golkar Party won one seat . Candidate number 6 , Betti Pasadigoe with the highest vote totals as much as 77 663 to get a seat that incumbent candidate gained only 19 706 Poempida the sound does not get a seat . Commission IX member is in danger of not going back to Senayan .

The rest of the seven seats based on the remaining valid votes divided by the five political parties with the most votes . The second seat candidates obtained Gerindra number 1 , Suir Sham . PAN candidates gained three seats numbered 2 , Original Khaidir Muhammad . Then one seat for the Democratic Party candidate number two Darizal Basir .

The fifth seat to the candidates Nasdem number two Endre Saiful . PPP candidate for the sixth seat number 1 , Epyardi Asda . The seventh seat candidates achieved the serial number of the MCC , Herman . While seats to eight candidates obtained the serial number of one of the PDIP , Alex Indra Lukman .