UN worried about fate Trapped Syrians in Homs

The members of the UN Security Council expressed great concern over the fate of Syrian civilians trapped in fighting in the old city of Homs , Syria .

” The council urged the immediate implementation of the resolution in February to increase the access of humanitarian aid in the country , ” said Joy Ogwu , the Nigerian ambassador , who became chairman of the board was present .

He said members of the appeal board also supports the proposed UN - Arab League envoy , Lakhdar Brahimi , Thursday morning to resume negotiations in order to stop the siege .

Syrian forces and pro-government militias continue to move closer to the areas controlled by the rebel city of Homs on Tuesday after besieging it for nearly two years .

On Thursday , members of the Security Council consults three hours after the UN humanitarian affairs chief Amos Valere reported the situation in Homs .

" The civilians are trapped really are in danger of killed in the latest attack by Syrian forces in Homs , " said the British ambassador , Mark Lyall Grant .

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He added that France and Britain have proposed a draft declaration calling for the council authorized by Syrian government forces relinquish the siege, but the Board fails to approve it .


FSA: The Financial Planning Compulsory Explain Risk Investment Products

Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) emphasized that the function of financial planners in providing advice to clients must explain the benefits , costs , and risks of the products and services in the financial services sector .

" FSA also ask the financial planner must inform the supervisory authorities of the products and or services recommended , " said Kusumaningtuti S. Soetiono , member of the Board of Commissioner of the Financial Services Authority Field Education and Consumer Protection , in a statement in Jakarta , Thursday, April 17, 2014 .

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FSA , according Kusumaningtuti , encourage financial planners enforce a code of ethics and corporate governance (good governance ) , including the analysis adequately supported research in recommending a product and or service to the client .

Explanation to the client , Kusumaningtuti added , an important aspect and should be ensured that the client has understood and agree to and are responsible for the decisions made .
Agreement both parties become the main reference later when a problem occurs or a dispute or failure of decisions that have been agreed between financial planners and their clients.

" However, the FSA still prohibits financial planner to act as an investment manager . To become an investment manager must meet the requirements demanded by the FSA rules , " said Tituk , greeting Kusumaningtuti .

According to him , people need to understand that the activities and financial transactions , among others, can be an investment , trading , underwriting , insurance protection , pawn shops , storage , and borrowing funds has an element of risk and costs in addition to the benefits offered .

The higher the risk if the product is issued by a company and or promised by individuals who do not clear the authorities were watching her . Society can check by contacting the FSA on the telephone contact services ( area code ) 500-655 .


Push Printing Industry Transformation to Digital

Unity Graphic Company Indonesia ( PPGI ) recognizes one of the barriers increased productivity printing machine printing industry is still conventional . Therefore , PPGI urging the government to speed up the transformation of the use of conventional printing to digital .

" Yes we are still in the printing press import . Kemenperin We encourage that we have to step into the digital printing machine , " said Jimmy Junianto , Chairman PPGI , in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Jimmy explained , using mensin digital printing , printing industry productivity will be higher . He gave no examples of countries that will develop a digital printing machine with large volumes .

" As dutch that would make mensin digital printing with high print volumes . Epson digital printing machines already made ​​, why it was not improved , " he said .

In the technological transformation , Jimmy anticipate it will take 10 to 20 years to change the conventional machines to digital . However , Jimmy said that the process should begin segela .

" Prediction 10 smpai 20 years to transform technology into mensin konvensioal digital printing , but should begin immediately , " he said .

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Currently the national printing industry production capacity of 13.6 million paper . Of this amount , 60 percent is used for domestic needs and 40 the rest is exported .


Prince William and Kate Arrive in Sydney

Prince William with his family arrived in Sydney on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at around 15:00 local time or 13:00 pm. Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their son, Prince George, scheduled to be in Australia for ten days.

Quoted from news.com.au, William arrival at Kingsford Smith Airport greeted by Prime Minister Tony Abbot, Governor of News South Wales Marie Bashir, and the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove. From the airport they will go to the Opera House in the state of New South Wales, where thousands of people have been waiting for their presence.

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Accompanying William who appeared with a blue suit dongkernya, Kate appear so bright. He wore a lemon yellow dress designer Serbia, Roksanda Ilincic. The yellow color is considered to reflect the Australian sun is so bright.

Family visits UK for ten days is a follow-up visit after they did a tour in New Zealand. They are scheduled to visit the Blue Mountains, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Adelaide, and Canberra.


Jokowi: I Want to Eat in Block G, Free origin …

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo admitted that he had no doubt to sit and enjoy a meal in the food court Block G Tanah Abang , Central Jakarta .

" One and a half years ago on the floor of a dirty , lots of trash , smell . Though the food delicious , but the place as it was , I was so ndak ready to eat , " said Jokowi when inaugurating the dining area , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

" But if you look now so different . If anyone asked me to eat here , really want . Origin free , there is bayarin , " said Jokowi . Joke was immediately greeted by the cheers of dozens of merchants .

Jokowi advised, traders and visitors should jointly maintain the condition of the food court which has now been clean and neat it .

Jokowi pointed out , the merchant must give priority to hygiene , especially cooking and eating utensils . ” Nyuci plate clean . Nyuci The bucket should not be used from morning till night . Wear aprons too , though pleasing to visitors , ” said Jokowi .

Structuring food courtdilakukan through corporate social responsibility ( CSR ) Bank Indonesia , Bank DKI , BRI , and BCA with a total development cost of Rp 1.2 billion .

The food court or the food court located on the 2nd floor of Block G. The extent of 1,030 square meters and is equipped storefront , kitchen sets , and 388 dining table and chairs .

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Food court area to accommodate 103 traders , consisting of 68 merchants who previously had to sell in situ and the remaining traders relocation .


6 Fruit Right to Bekal in Travel

Packed into a vital part in the trip . Generally , the provision of a menu prepared with high carbohydrates , such as biscuits and dry snacks . While the fruit is often forgotten by reason of non-durable and hassle of having to peeled and deseeded , if any .

In fact , referring to a number of studies , we should keep the intake on the way , including the requirement of vitamin C. For short-distance trips , you can bring the pieces that have been cut , such as kiwi , guava , strawberry or papaya .

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As for long-distance travel , you can carry citrus fruit , longan , tomatoes , and apples . Here are six pieces appropriate to accompany your trip , as quoted from Travelounge .

1 . Oranges
Relatively low levels of vitamin C , only 30-50 milligrams per 100 grams , oranges remain healthy . In addition to having antioxidant , oranges contain vitamin B which can stabilize blood pressure .

2 . Apples
Levels of vitamin C is about 5 milligrams per 100 grams . This fruit contains a variety of vitamins and minerals . Known also rich in tannin , which serves to cleanse and refresh the mouth , as well as flaboid that can reduce cancer risk .

3 . Longan
There are about 84 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams of longan . In addition , the fruit flesh from mainland Southeast Asia contains sucrose , glucose , proteins , fats , and vitamins A and B.

4 . Tomatoes
The content of vitamin C is about 34 milligrams per 100 grams . Tomatoes also contain protein , phosphorous , iron , sulfur , vitamins A and B1 , as well as material type lycopene beta - carotene is almost 50 percent more . Lycopene pigment proved to be effective as an antioxidant that can fight premature aging .

5 . Guava
In addition to vitamin C 108 milligrams per 100 grams , guava contains phosphorus , calcium , and vitamins A and B1 . Known to lower cholesterol because it is rich in a special fiber pectin , which is water soluble and binds cholesterol and bile acids .

6 . Kiwi
There are 100 milligrams of vitamin C in 100 grams of kiwi . It also contains polyphenols , carotenoids , and other enzymes forming antioxidant . In addition , there are potassium , lutein , and beta - carotene , which is beneficial for a number of organs .


Ical and Prabowo had millions of messages shirts candidate in Bandung

Presidential candidate ( candidates ) Bakrie and Prabowo said to have ordered millions of pieces of t-shirts to the center of the sacred shirt ( SKS ) Bandung . Two candidate from Golkar Party and Gerindra was already booked each one million and 700 thousand pieces of shirts .

" Only two candidates who have a message to our shirts , Ical and Prabowo , " said Chairman of the Cooperative Center for Holy Shirt Bandung , Marnawi Munamah , Friday ( 11/4 ) .

He admitted , ordering shirts for the presidency are not too deep. Usually centers shirts flooded holy orders begin one month prior to implementation .

"If the presidential election in July , the most hectic June , or May may have started the message , " he explained .

To anticipate the existence of arrears , it asked for 70 percent payment in advance while the message .

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" The remaining 30 per cent at the time the goods are delivered , so it will not come back no arrears , " he said as he called the price per piece Rp 8 thousand t-shirts .

Thus arrears before - previous experience did not occur in this election . ” Thank God there are no arrears for the year , all can pay off , ” he explained .


Search MH370 Continued, Focus on Signal Samar in the Indian Ocean

Perth - Hunting faint signals and also debris Malaysia Airlines ( MAS ) MH370 resumed in the Indian Ocean . The main focus of the search team is to detect faint signals back previously been detected and thought to have come from the plane’s black box .

Search teams trying hard to hear back signals from the sea , behind the great ocean waves . Meanwhile, a team of experts were trying to determine ( Pinpoint ) MH370 alleged crash site before deploying underwater vehicles to comb the ocean floor .

" Up to 11 military aircraft , four civilian aircraft and 14 ships will assist in the search today , " said Joint Agency Coordination Center ( JACC ) in Australia as reported by AFP on Wednesday ( 09/04/2014 ) .

Search focused on the area of ​​remote waters covering 75 423 square kilometers within 2,260 kilometers southwest of Perth , Australia . JACC added , the weather forecast said the search area will be hit by rain today .

JACC joint team leader , Angus Houston , said that the divers underwater vehicle Bluefin - 21 will not be deployed to comb the sea bottom to know for sure that there are batteries in the transmitter black box MH370 really is no longer active .

" We need to continue ( listen the signal ) for a few more days until the transmitter is believed that the battery has run out , " said Houston .

Signal is a signal which is successfully detected previously by the tracking device ‘s black box U.S. Navy , towed pinger locator ( TPL ) drawn by the Australian military ship , Ocean Shield . If the transmission is successfully detected and then confirmed again genuinely MH370 comes from the black box , then the next step is to deploy the Bluefin - 21 is capable of diving to a depth of 4,500 meters .

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In today’s mission , the ship Ocean Shield in the search area in the northern part of the zone specified search JACC . While the Chinese vessel Haixun 01 and the British ship HMS Echo focus the search in the southern area .


Disposable Drinking Straws Make Face Wrinkles Fast

During this cold drink using a straw is considered more polite than diseruput directly with the mouth . However , sure still want to drink through a straw if the indirect result can make your skin so wrinkled ?

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Dr. Debra Jaliman , dermatologist and author of Skin Rules : Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist says that the routine wearing a straw will cause the skin around the mouth area will be faster wrinkled . Why ?

When using straws , automatically around the mouth area will often shrivel so that water can be sucked into the mouth . Alarming is the frequency and duration of these things done . Repeatedly pursing your mouth to enjoy this drink to the last drop .

" Any kind of muscle movements and repetitive long will cause permanent frown lines or wrinkles in the skin . Same as smile lines because a smile every day , or frown lines on the forehead as often wrinkled forehead , " he said .

So what to do ? Debra suggested to reduce the bad habits that could potentially lead to wrinkles , one of which reduce the use of straws . If you want to minimize the signs of aging , then reduce this bad habit should be done early .

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" Begin treatment at the age of 20. Because in this age , people think that they will not have a problem between the skin and age . , But this is the time you really need to develop good habits because your habits are maintained since the young will last you a lifetime , " he said .


Penyu langka terlihat di Rio Grande

Penampakan Unik di Belize dari hicatee terancam punah , juga dikenal sebagai kura-kura sungai Amerika Tengah .

Kita semua tahu dongeng tentang Putri dan si Katak . Nah di sini adalah cerita untuk menghangatkan hati bahkan pembaca yang paling berdarah dingin .

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Hari ini Valentine (14 Februari) tim konservasionis muda Belize datang di hicatee terancam punah , atau dikenal sebagai kura-kura sungai Amerika Tengah ( Dermatemys mawii ) .

Bagi banyak dari tim , ini adalah pertama kalinya bahwa mereka telah melihat kura-kura langka ini - dan itu adalah pertama kalinya bahwa salah satu telah ditemui di Rio Grande .

Setelah ditangkap penyu dalam jaring trammel , set tim tentang perbaikan tag telemetri radio untuk karapas dalam rangka untuk melacak itu selama beberapa bulan mendatang .

" Ini adalah menemukan penting dan kami berharap dapat belajar banyak informasi baru tentang perilaku penyu , berbagai rumah makan dan alasan , " kata ketua tim Elmar Requena . " Setelah informasi ini , kita akan mampu untuk berbagi hasil penelitian dengan masyarakat, organisasi non -pemerintah dan departemen pemerintah sehingga setiap orang dapat datang bersama-sama untuk melindungi hicatee di Belize . "

Hicatee pertama tertangkap di Rio Grande River.
Tim tetap tag telemetri radio untuk hicatee dalam rangka untuk melacak itu selama beberapa bulan mendatang . Credit : Marty Alvarez

Selama penangkapan penyu pertama ini , anggota tim Mary Alvarez mengatakan , ” Saya belum melihat hicatee dalam hidup saya dan sekarang saya punya hicatee untuk Hari Valentine ! “

Untuk melengkapi kisah romantis ini , tim memutuskan untuk menamai hicatee tagged ’ Huberta ’ , dan dia akan dipasangkan dengan ’ Hubert yang Hicatee ’ yang merupakan maskot yang digunakan untuk meningkatkan kesadaran tentang proyek di Belize .

Hicatee adalah satu-satunya spesies dalam keluarga Dermatemydae . Menghabiskan hampir seluruh hidupnya di air , sangat rentan terhadap polusi air tetapi ancaman utamanya berasal dari perusakan habitat dan perburuan . Kura-kura air tawar ini memiliki cangkang coklat , abu-abu atau zaitun . Wanita memiliki kepala zaitun dan laki-laki memiliki kepala kuning cerah .

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Mereka bertahan di Belize , Honduras dan Guatemala , dan hampir diburu ke kepunahan di Meksiko .

Proyek ini didanai oleh Program Kepemimpinan Konservasi Kolaborasi dengan Toledo Institut untuk Pembangunan dan Lingkungan ( TIDE ) , yang Ya’axché Conservation Trust dan Departemen Perikanan Belize .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/